Disgusted With Bad Network Marketing Information

It is actually affecting and down-right bent for MLM / Arrangement Business companies to advance apprenticeship for new reps and assembly that just doesn’t work. They apperceive it doesn’t work, we apperceive it doesn't work, so why do they accumulate teaching us to do the aforementioned old stuff. Do you apprehend that all these gazillions of companies advise authoritative advance in the aforementioned antic manner? If you’re with one of the aboriginal MLM companies, the old dinosaurs like Avon and Quixtar, that accept been about for decades are just accepting started with a cast new company, the techniques accomplished by the aggregation are about identical. There may be a few little differences actuality and there but it’s appealing abundant all the same. So why do companies abide to alternation new assembly with these pathetic, bootless techniques? The acknowledgment is simple. Because it works! But delay a minute, you’re adage to yourself. Didn’t you just acquaint me that this being doesn’t work? Well, yes and yes. The old-school techniques we all apperceive and abhorrence absolutely do plan but not for you and me. They plan absurd for the companies themselves. Trust me. If the companies did not accumulation from teaching reps in this address do you absolutely anticipate they would abide these antic business practices? Our companies are not accepting affluent on the 2-3% that are the top earners. Even admitting they accept astronomic paychecks, overrides, bonuses, chargeless trips and all the added abundant being that comes with this industry, they are not what accumulate the aggregation going. It is the added 98% that are aggravating to "get to the top" that accumulate the aggregation so profitable. Think about this for a minute. What is the aboriginal affair you are told to do as a cast new rep, behindhand of what aggregation you are with... Write your account of 100 Names. Even if alone a scattering of humans on that account become reps or just artefact users, anticipate about the all-inclusive numbers if every individual being that signs up is accomplishing that. And then, let's say on average, alone 10 out of those 100 humans become artefact users and alone 2 body a business about the products... what do they all do? They accomplish their account of 100 and so on and so on and so on. I anticipate you get the account now. Here’s the issue. We all apperceive that alone actual baby allotment of reps, about 2%, accomplish to the top-pay levels of all arrangement business companies. This isn’t because a lot of you are apathetic or an idiot. I apperceive I did what they all told me to do and none of it worked. You are not acknowledged yet because home-business training and apprenticeship is of pathetically low-quality. I believe, 100% after agnosticism that if home-business cadre accustomed the training and apprenticeship they bare and deserved, that 98% abortion amount would cast to a 98% success rate. But I can assure you that it will never appear because they ascendancy the market, not humans like you and me. But what you can ascendancy is how you run your business. No one on this apple can acquaint you what to do because it’s your business, right? Isn’t that what they are consistently preaching? Well, now you can become acknowledged just like me and it absolutely is up to you as to how continued it takes. Look for accessible online writing that will allay the belief and lies of business at home with any MLM or Arrangement Business company.

Have it Drawn in 5 Minutes


NetDepict is the only network drawing software utility that produces hyper-accurate, professional-grade Visio network diagrams of your network and IT layers…

All other network documentation, drawing software and network mapping tools lock you into proprietary interfaces that limit the flexibility and control you have over the final product…

Whether it’s to propose engineering changes for a prospective client, in response to a compliance effort, or in following best practices to archive network design at specific intervals, unquestionably, Visio is the preferred output for technical network documentation and network schematics.

Here’s why:

    Visio drawings aren’t proprietary and are editable by client and provider alike

    Visio provides infinite control over the degree of detail presented

    Visio provides ultimate flexibility in drawing output, allowing you for example scale to wall sized drawings other interfaces simply can’t compete with

    Visio data can be combined with other MS Office functionality for even greater extensibility
    Visio drawings are the expected norm for professionalism

NetDepict = On-Demand Visio Drawing Utility

NetDepict diagramming software can support thousands of devices and can be run on virtually any Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 PC with Microsoft Visio installed (drawing performance tied to hardware specifications).

Automated Visio Drawings of Network & IT Layers

NetDepict does all the work for you.  With your unlimited license, NetDepict allows you to fully automate production of Visio network drawings that do the majority of the work you need to do to complete your final  technical/system documentation/drawing deliverable:

    Automatically collect data from multiple networks, individual devices or defined IP ranges simultaneously

    SNMP walk your network, pulling critical device and relationship data from the network

    View collected/imported network data drawn in a fully interactive visual environment, giving you the flexibility to customize automated Visio layouts of collected device information to compile detailed and “subject-specific” schematics that require little to no external editing/enhancement

    Import device data from other networking tools including inventory and management systems, homegrown scripts and other network documentation tools to draw network diagrams of stored snapshots of network design, configuration, etc

    Selectively highlight any portion of the network to rapidly produce secondary drawings and network schematics for selected devices based on device hops, network segment, interface information, etc

    Combine multiple drawing views of different aspects/segments of the network diagram into a single Visio file to simplify and organize internal or external drawing deliverables

    Automatically snapshot intervals of the network design, or draw data collected by other networking tools

    Easily incorporate branded elements and other logistical/legal information into customer-facing Visio deliverables

    Finely tune drawing parameters to regenerate and optimize specific network views (especially larger network) to minimize efforts

    Extend and call NetDepict through an open API

Who can Benefit from NetDepict

    Network Managers – to visually document network realities, to create specific views of managed network segments and to archive compliance of service levels

    Managed Service Providers – to rapidly toggle across managed networks to instantly gain visual perspectives of issues, to identify devices not under management and to provide an extra level of communication to customers

    Service Sales and Support Teams – to perform “in-the-field” assessments of prospective customer networks, mitigate the risk of unforeseen network element realities increasing project execution costs, to shorten cycle times and to differentiate solutions and service offerings

    Network Engineers – to access the latest snapshot of a supported network to more rapidly understand realities (vs. trying to mentally visualize), to communicate up the chain more effectively and to provide definitive context for taking action

    Network Consultants and Freelancers – to compete more effectively in crowded markets, to more efficiently identify potential hidden project costs during proposal preparation and to further elevate the professionalism quotient of your business

NetDepict Use Cases

    Outfit sales teams to be able to easily capture prospective customer network information for assessment and quote generation

    Schedule definable intervals to snapshot managed networks both visually and comprehensively in terms of the available collectable data for each specific device

    Scale across management teams to provide a more instantaneous understanding and perspective of network context as it pertains to “seeing” impairments from the perspective of different devices in and around the issue

    Establish new best practices for documenting and exposing periodic snapshots and “proof of compliance” to managed services customers

Automating Professional Grade Presentation

At the end of the day NetDepict allows you to shave all but final formatting and customizing from the effort to produce professional-grade network Visio drawings of any sized network in no time at all.  No longer will you have to dread the unfortunate and time consuming task of producing drawings of the networks you manage.  Install it on a laptop, use it when you need it and save your time for more important and higher-value tasks to manage your infrastructure. Whatever your needs, for a minimal investment, NetDepict network diagram software automates professional production of any view of any network for any reason!
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